I started coding in HTML in 2000 and have been actively working in HTML, CSS, Flash and JavaScript since then. Whether creating small boutique websites or working on larger corporate websites I have always strived to maintain consistent, modern, SEO compliant sites that also display beautifully on all platforms and devices.

In the ever shifting world of the web, most of the websites I have worked on have been updated, deleted, or are still in Flash. I have created websites throughout my career in graphics for the last 18 years. I had a long period of creating Flash websites, most of which are gone. This one still remains, http://www.jimiacona.com. More recently I have been creating animations for websites (see the Animations section) and working in Word Press as well as coding Bootstrap/CSS websites. Below are a few examples of the most recent websites that I have worked on.

Glacier City Realty

In the beginning of 2019 I was hired for a UI/UX analysis and full web re-design of Glacier City Realty’s website. Glacier City Realty is one of the top real estate agencies in Alaska. Real estate web design is unique and I enjoyed the new challenges of using MLS property searches and implementing them into the website.

The most valuable skill I brought to the project was my abilities to consolidate, reorganize, simplify and empower the company through their website. I took an outdated and bloated website and made it a highly-functioning, sleek website where you want to visit and stay. The website is fully-functional and has the highest level of SEO compliancy and visibility as well.

As an added bonus the website features my photographs of Alaska on top of each page.

Please click on the photos below to view the websites…

Children's Hospital Colorado with Amplifire Healthcare Alliance Website


When I began at Knowledge Factor their website needed a complete overhaul. I created five websites for the company representing each vertical that the software is aimed to sell to. I worked daily as the webmaster for the five websites supporting the entire company’s web requests. The websites were all-based in WordPress and then modified to fit the company’s specific needs.

Below is a still photo of the Home page that I created for the Healthcare Alliance vertical of Knowledge Factor’s amplifire software.

Children's Hospital Colorado with Amplifire Healthcare Alliance Website

Personal Websites

Most recently I have created three personal websites, the one you are looking at GT Digital Studios, created in WordPress and running from a child theme that I created; my music website “Gretchen Troop Music” which I hand-coded in Bootstrap; and my wedding photography website which I created in WordPress as well.

Gretchen Troop Music

Children's Hospital Colorado with Amplifire Healthcare Alliance Website

Gretchen Troop Wedding Photography

Children's Hospital Colorado with Amplifire Healthcare Alliance Website

Gretchen Throop Williams
Boulder, CO

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