User interface design has been woven through my entire career as a digital design artist. Throughout my presentation, Flash interface, animation and website design work, interface design has always been at the forefront.

Having been the primary designer and working independently on most of my projects, I have created entire applications starting from a blank canvas. The kiosk and legal presentations that I created in Flash needed to work seamlessly when sent out into the field with no explanation to the user. In web design as well, the foundations of good design are based on a great interface that works intuitively and seamlessly across many different platforms and users.

My passion for the interface design has grown over the years, design can be subjective, but interface design is more empirical in its success.

Amplifire Authoring UI Redesign

Knowledge Factor’s software, Amplifire is a revolutionary teaching software that is used throughout many facets of business. Despite having a beautiful, clean design on the front-end it was failing our customers in authoring when it came to editing their tests. The old authoring was very “backend” designed and lacked many features that our customers needed. Knowledge Factor employed me to make a new user interface design for authoring to be accessed online in a browser. I created the presentation above to present the new interface’s prototype that I had designed to the engineers for implementation.

Autodesk Impression

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Autodesk Impression Release
I worked for many years as a Flash Designer & Developer creating complex user interfaces. Autodesk hired me to create a mixed media release for their software Impression using voiceover, video and stills. I created the menu layout and design (click on “Select Chapter” to see it) and worked closely with the company to meet their exacting design specifications. I greatly enjoyed working with Autodesk and the finished product is still being used by them.

Interactive for Court

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V3I Legal Timeline Interactive
During my Flash career I created interactive presentations for court while working for Visual Advocacy for over three years. These were particularly complex user interface jobs, the size of the content was daunting and the complexity of the cases had to be simplified down to a presentation that the lawyer could use without training or sometimes even previous knowledge of it. This was one of the more complex cases that I worked on. Almost everything in the presentation is clickable and the file size is for offline use, so please be patient with it online.

Discussion in Interface Design

Apple Maps iPad App
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