I have been actively working as a digital graphic designer since 1996. The beginning of my graphics career was in digital motion and still design for corporate events. I worked primarily in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Cinema 4D and was flown all over the world to do the graphics backstage at multi-million dollar corporate events. This job (which I did until 2014) made me a world-class production designer… in other words, very fast and accurate!

Since moving to Colorado in 2003 my career has turned strongly towards motion design. Originally I did most of my motion design work in Flash, both on the web and off. After Flash’s demise I worked mostly in web design, which I still do today. I remember my roommate in San Francisco showing me the first HTML book and beginning to learn the language. Since then I have trained through every turn of the dynamic discipline of web design. Today I work mostly in WordPress and animate in HTML5.

Since 2017 I have been freelancing with a company using my skills in video editing (Adobe Premiere Pro) as well as 2D (HTML5 & AfterEffects) & 3D (Cinema4D) animations.

I’ve worked with many fantastic clients over the years including Amgen, Apple, Autodesk, BMW, Charles Schwab, Chevron, Cisco, Dish Network, Estee Lauder, Facebook, Genentech, Google, Hyundai, Kaiser Permanente, Mentor Graphics, Oracle, RES and many more.

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Of all the designers that I have worked with over the years Gretchen is the most likely to get the job done right, faster than you thought possible and with minimal oversight. I genuinely believe there is nothing she can’t do!

– Shannon Erickson, CEO, Glacier City Media

Gretchen Throop Williams
Boulder, CO

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