I started coding in HTML in 2000 and have been actively working in HTML, CSS and JavaScript since then. Whether creating small boutique websites or working on larger corporate websites I have always strived to maintain consistent, modern, SEO compliant sites that also display beautifully on all platforms and devices. In the ever shifting world of the web, most of the websites I worked on have been changed dramatically or are still in Flash, so I am highlighting only my most recent work below.

When I began at Knowledge Factor the website needed a complete overhaul. I created and webmastered five websites based in WordPress for the company…


At Knowledge Factor I created, maintained and webmastered 5 separate websites representing the different verticals within the company. The websites are based in a WordPress multisite using the Divi theme, with a child theme that I wrote, integrating multiple plugins and hand coded features.

I have not worked on the Advanced Education or Performance websites since May 2017 and they have changed significantly, but I was recently re-hired by Knowledge Factor as a Contractor to continue my work on the Amplifire, Healthcare Alliance and Children’s Hospital websites for the company.


Amplifire Healthcare Alliance

Children’s Hospital

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