I worked in Macromedia/Adobe Flash throughout its zenith on the web. I was a Certified Macromedia Flash Designer and Developer creating large presentations for both on and offline use. I designed intricate interfaces then implemented them.
Working on the web since its inception has brought many changes, and once Flash was no longer a viable form of animation on the web I took to HTML5 from it’s inception and have worked in Adobe (Edge) Animate and more currently in Tumult’s Hype (which I love). All of the work below was created in HTML5 for Knowledge Factor and integrated into their learning software, Amplifire.

Design Thinking Course

Simple design to help demonstrate the connection between ideas in design thinking.

Amplifire Healthcare Alliance
Injection Safety

A simple animation to help visually train hospital workers in the dangers of the common practice in reusing syringes for injections.

Knowledge Factor
Changing Seasons

A slider explaining why seasons change, used for Promotion of interactives in the learning material.

Printer Ping:

Demonstration showing how a printer is connected to a computer through the internet.

Amplifire Healthcare Alliance

Needle Reflux Course

This module appeared in our Injection Safety course. This needle reflux animation explains to healthcare professionals the dangers of needle reflux when there are changes in the environment.

Knowledge Factor
Icy Driving

This animation was used as a promotion to get clients to use gamification in their user modules. It provides a simple way to engage the User in their learning with hands on choices.

Amplifire Healthcare Alliance
Sepsis Course

Created this animation for a course in training doctors and nurses to early detect Sepsis. Photographed models for the interactive as well.

Amplifire Healthcare Alliance
Sepsis Course

Part of a series of animations to train doctors and nurses to detect sepsis in patients before it is too late.

United Airlines

Dangerous Goods

The question containing this interactive asks which item in their carry-on suitcase is considered a dangerous item to bring on the plane. Seek and find.

Amplifire Healthcare Alliance

Patient Falls Course

Teaching nurses and doctors about patient falls dangers. Find 5 items that could threaten patients with a danger of falling.

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